Follow us as we Review the Top Work Boots Brand

As the need for foot safety increases, the top work boots brand are striving hard to make it up to customers by providing extra ordinary services that is aim at giving super comfort to the feet. We are going to take a closer look at the list of top work boots brand, their protection style, comfort, flexibility, durability and performance. As you should know, all work boots emanate from a particular brand which makes them unique to the public and the world at large. The back bone of boots we have today are from the world most known and innovative companies which strive hard to solve the problem of safety in construction site, chemical companies, mining, drilling, farming etc. this is because the protection offered by most boots have made work boots a unique pair of footwear where most company tag as the MUST have safety boot. Before we dive into listing the top rated work boots brand, you need to know some of the special features that makes up the best work boots brand.

Important features of top work boots brand

  • Leather skin
  • Non – slip and abrasive
  • Water resistance
  • Better grips
  • Shock absorbers
  • Insole built for comfort
  • Well-treaded sole


The first on our list is timberland

top-work-boots-brandIt started 40 years ago with unique and rugged yellow boot called Timberland that could be used to prevent the foot from injury while in sport, industrial processing unit in companies etc. And since then, it has become a household name with authentic production, rugged outdoor heritage and well-crafted work boots that are being used today in virtually all work profiles. Timberland have been an icon in the production of work boots over the years with the aim of providing comforts, flexibility, sturdiness and better grip for every production there have made. Rating them among the top work boots brand is not a mistake because they have what it takes to be among the top rated brands in work boots production. The quality of boot production made by Timberland cannot be compared with others as they know what it takes to give better protection and safety to the foot.

The second on our list is Wolverine

Also rated high on the top work boots brand is wolverine establish in Rockford, Michigan intop-work-boots-brand 1883, with better boots production. They are known by their superior materials with timeless craftsmanship which they put into the production of their boots. Their boots are built to withstand every form of weather and environment; so no matter how tough your work environment seem to be Wolverine work boots adjust and perform just well. The ability to add comfort to your feet and allow for flexibility of your foot while in work site is their major concern. Today, Wolverine leads the industry with a relentless commitment to innovation and patented technologies including Wolverine Contour Welt, Wolverine MultiShox, Wolverine Durashocks, Wolverine DuraShocks SR and Wolverine Fusion which all strive to give comfort and better safety to the foot.

The third on our list is Caterpillar (CAT)

best-work-bootsCat footwear is based on the same trusted loud principle of “cat earthmovers” identified as a symbol of strength and sheer integrity which has its own contribution to a very honest work. There have become a household name manufacturing of heavy equipment’s including sturdy work boots that strive for comfort each day. It falls into the range of industrial and commonest casual top work boot brands with the unique aim of staying right there with the need to provide good working boots and shoes. The most comfortable work boots for every work activities made by CAT always stand a test of time. Creating genuine, hard-working boots and shoes for all work environments has been the sole aim of CAT work boots. It is rated among the top work boots brand because of it toughness, adaptability, flexibility, sturdiness and performance.

The fourth on our list is Skechers

The award winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear have always been designing, developing and marketing footwear’s to its customer for years. The company have been producing first class footwear for different work profile and also for fashion industries. Since its inception in 1992, the Skechers diverse product offering has grown from utility style boots to include seven Skechers brands and five uniquely branded fashion lines for men and women. The design and style have been updated years after year till date which are still seen as the top best work boots brand in work boots and other footwear’s for different category and group of people.

The fifth on our list is Irish Setter Work 

Red wing shoes in 1950 introduces a well-crafted Red Russet leather which inspired the name IRISH SETTER. Irish became a known name in work boots brand due to their distinctive productions year after year. Their generation of field workers and hunters have proven Irish Shetter worthy of providing complete safety to the foot. Their work boots are unique and upto standard with aggressive sole for better grip, comfort and flexibility. Today, more than 100 years of Red Wing work boot experience, combined with the over 60-year legacy of Irish Setter outdoor footwear, results in purpose-built Irish Setter footwear for the modern craftsman and avid hunter. Feel your best at your work environments with maximum comfort all through your work hours with Irish Setter Work boots.

The six on our list is Dr. Martens 

top-work-boots-brandAs far as top work boots brand is concern, Dr. Martens remain the Legend in the work boots industry. It all began near Munich, Germany in 1945 when Dr. Klaus Martens injured his foot in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps. To make walking easier during the healing process, he designed a shoe with an air-cushioned sole. The sole was design in way that air was trapped within close compartment giving maximum balance and repel from sharp objects. The concept behind Dr. Martens is quite outstanding and today is ranks among the top work boots brand in the work boots manufacturing industry. It offers safety details and comfort for all say wear. With real heritage, water resistant leather upper, anti-static construction, composite puncture-resistant midsole, Smart mask PU-cushioned foot bed and breathable linings this men’s boot ensure total comfort and durability.

In summary, before shopping for a work boots, you should be able to take a look at the work boot brands to know how prestigious and trustworthy they are. Every work profile needs a unique and most comfortable work boots to match their working environment. Therefore, carefully check and select a top work boots brand that will give maximum protection and safety to your foot.

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