As one of the measures taken to encourage foot safety at work-site, Composite Toe Work Boots seems to be more practical in keeping your foot safe throughout your working hours. There are several accident occurrence at work or construction sites which so many people fall a victim and have themselves injured as a result of negligent of not wearing a safety shoe. As you place important to your job, I believe you should have an equal important placed on your safety as you won’t love to lose your leg in the process of discharging your duties. Therefore, consider having for yourself the best work boots to ensure your everyday safety while carrying out your duties. The reason why work boots is recommended for this purpose is that they are capable of withstanding tensions, impacts and even falling or incoming objects without damaging your foot. This is made possible because they are made of genuine leather, good sole, better paddings, nice cushioning, steel toe cap and other safety features to make sure that your foot is granted 100% safety. It is one thing to shop for work boots but it’s another to shop for the most comfortable work boots for your work environment.


Timberland PRO Men’s 38020 Direct Attach 6″ Soft Toe Boot

Timberland rating3

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar ratings

Dr. Martens Men’s Fusion Safety Toe Chelsea Boot

Dr. Martens rating3

Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Boot

Timberland ratings

Danner Men’s Quarry GTX 8″ AT Boot

Danner rating

Timberland PRO Men’s 26078 Titan 6″ Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

Timberland ratings

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Therefore, before making a choice on the best steel toe boots to grab, you should bear in mind that there are other minor but important features you need to put into considerations before making your final decision. First and foremost, your work type, hours which you spend working, weather, environments, your boots size, etc. as this will give you an edge on decision making of your new boots. Though in most companies safety boots are mandatory and there are shared among their staffs to safeguard them and to allow for increase performance and profits. As this help reduce number of casualties in construction sites and other work environments, maximizing profit for the company too.

Reviews on 2014 trending Composite Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot

Composite Toe Work Boot

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This is everything you need to nail that tough work. If you’ve been searching for the most comfortable work boots that will be your savior in tough work days, then Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Steel Toe Boot can do it more than you could ever ask for. They are design with special consideration on diverse work profile to meet its standard. This unique pair of boot can be on your feet throughout the day without you feeling pains or bruises because of the perfect padding and good insole which makes the feet warm at all time. It is sturdy and stands a test of time. As the sole are design for good traction and better grip on any surface they are on and also it has electric hazard protection which protect the shoe against every form of open circuit at your work site. The speed hook allows for easy lacing and Removable, contoured sock liner provides comfort and blister-free for the foot.

Going for a steel toe boot can be a wise decision to make as it can solve all problems related to site work, factories, chemical companies etc. because it has what it takes to give comfort and flexibility and also enhance performance and kill tension during work. Safe your foot today from injuries or other foot accident by making Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot to lead the way.


-          Leather

-          Anti-microbial lining

-          Rubber sole

-          Better grip

-          Meet ANSI safety standard

It is for sure the top rated steel toe boots in Amazon as over 700 customers have reviewed and comments on this safety. Create a change and increase performance at your work station by putting on timberland when the work seems tough.

Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe BootComposite Toe Work Boots

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You might wonder where to get the most comfortable work boots for your work profile; I’ll tell you not to get yourself worried anymore as this sport like boot have the best to offer as regards to your safety and comfort. This sturdy lace ankle boot is constructed with a full-grain leather upper and genuine Goodyear welt construction for strength and durability, plus an Ortholite footbed for climate and odor control, leaving you with no option than to make your daily task always fulfilling. Also, they have electric hazard protection mechanism that protects against exposure to open circuit of up to 600 volt in dry condition. And also a well cushioning insole for comfort and flexibility of your feet while at work, making sure you have the best feeling each day.

To add to this, the traction or grip rendered by the rubber outsole of this boot is great and give full support and balance even when worn on a slippery surface.

Features of Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe Boot

-          Rubber outsole

-          Leather

-          Electric hazard protection

-          Nice ankle padding

-          Boot opening measures approximately 9″

Though some customers have complaint or misunderstanding about how large the boot is when ordering for size 8.5. Sure, the boot is a bit roomy and if you go for a size 8 it will still fit well but if you know your feet is large then stick to 8.5 so that you won’t have issues breaking into this boot.

See customer review on this shoe;

“The shoes fit perfect, arrive on time for a great price that nobody can beat. They also are really comfortable if heel like I’m on regular shoes.”

Why you should consider picking the best Composite Toe Work Boots

Briefly, since you might likely be undertaking task that are tough and rough, therefore the sturdiness of the boots should be the number one thing you should consider. So, picking the best work boots for this journey should mean a lot to you, as shopping for the best shoe gives you an assurance of long lifespan and value for your money. Considerably, you should be able to know and rate how intensifying your work nature is; if it is once every week, twice or three times every month to know the type of safety shoe to buy. There are a lot of them at $100 and above, though you can save cost by getting cheap work boots that can serve you better since you are not using them for intensive work. But above all, aiming at the best work shoes is good as you will be guaranteed of the quality and features of the shoe.

Top Features that makes up your Composite Toe Work Boots

High Quality Leather

The making of steel toe for men have allow for considerations which cut across how one can be able to handle hard, rough and tedious task in factories or industries without being injured. That’s why quality leathers and other synthetic materials are used to design work boots which guide the foot against various site injuries. Also, most safety leathers are waterproof which repels water and other chemicals if at all it mistakenly drops of the foot. That is, there are seen as one of the most important features that make up work boots.

Steel toe cap

This is one of the key features that distinguish safety boots from other types of boots. The steel toe caps are design to guard the toe from fallen objects and can also withstand other environmental impacts. This is because there are made of high quality steel which cannot be easily bent. Also, there are seen as the roomy part of a boot which gives freedom and allow for flexibility of the toe. So a work boot without a steel toe cap cannot be qualified to be used in construction sites or where tough works are done.

Additional support

If you know that your work profile involves carrying of heavy materials, then you should think about work boots because it has a super balance feature which makes your foot stable at all times. This is because the insole and the outer sole are design to a standard dimension which allows for proper balance.

Sole/Skin Colors

The sole of a work boots are mostly design to have thickness which could repel any form of puncture. And are also design with better thread lock which allow for good traction and better grip. What this means is that, your boots can still give you better grip even on slippery surfaces and can give you good lock when climbing ladder. Every boot is identified by its unique color; therefore their quality skin colors make them beautiful and attractive. Though black work boots seem to be a universal color for everyone no matter the work type you are into. So, do not ignore boots color because they make your shoe match well with your uniform.

Sturdy and durability

Apart from the material quality used in the making this shoes, best work boots for men are also sturdy and durable which makes it stand a test of time. A pair of boots can survive and serve you for years depending on kind of environment and work type you subdue it to. That’s why all the components that makes up a complete safety boot are carefully design to adapt to even the toughest environments. And that’s why most people multi-task their composite toe work boots boots by using them for different purposes and yet it still works for them.